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IOEATS (Input/Output EATS) is an innovative kitchen with food deliveries in the Houston area via mobile phone applications and carry-out service. Our cuisine is inspired by locally sourced ingredients, where the highest quality products serve as the stars of each dish. Our clients are the most important input to provide the best possible output. 


Meet Our Chef

Passion, Discipline and Love at Work

A love for food lies deep within the DNA of the founder and executive chef at IOEATS, Patricia Preciado. Her passion for culinary art grew through travel from Mexico to Saudi-Arabia and back to the U.S., where she savored the tastes and textures of many different cultures. These experiences, coupled with extensive professional training at the Art Institute of Houston, achieving the highest honor award in March 2014. Patricia is one of the most innovative and committed chefs today.

Shrimp Quinoa Salad
Mixed Green Salad with Beef
Baja Fish Taco
Carne Asada Bowl
Salmon with Lemon Butter Cream
Carne En Su Jugo
Veggie Ciabatta

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November 30, 2020

Input/Output Eats (IOEATS) is all about reading and implementing your recommendations in our kitchen to always exceed your expectations; therefore, we are continually updating our menu. Please, stay tuned to our most recent PDF document.


Our Selections

Fresh -  Delicious - Fast Delivery

Our dishes are made on a daily basis with the best quality products on the market. Our fast delivery services guarantees that your food will arrive hot and delicious.

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Our Salads

For a healthier you

CarneAsada-Taco (2).jpeg

Our Tacos

Authentic Mexican Gourmet


Our Bowls

All for one and one for all


Our Pastas

Culinary art at it's finest


Our Sandwiches

Exceeding Expectations


Our Specialty

Carne en su jugo

(Beef Stew)

IOEATS Kitchen

Our Brand New Equipment

We are exciting to introduce our brand new equipment as of November 2020


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5832 Fairdale Ln, Houston TX 77057

+1 346-758-1034

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